Step 1 - Consultation
We want to make sure you have a great photoshoot and that it is the right experience for you, so before you book, we would love to have a chat with you to discuss what you're looking for, how you would like to be photographed, who will be in the photos with you, chat about clothing and hair and makeup options, what products you're interested in and answer any questions you may have. This can all be done over the phone.
Or if you've decided this is the experience you're after, then you're ready for Step 2
Step 2 - Book your session​​​​​​​
If you're ready to book, all you need to do is choose your preferred date and time and pay the session deposit in order to secure your booking.
Bookings can be taken online, via email or over the phone.
Step 3 - Photoshoot Day
This is your special day and we want you to have a fun and relaxed shoot when creating your beautiful portraits. We work with you and your family and guide you throughout to create beautiful portraits. You have the option of changing outfits, so that we can create a few different looks. 
We'll guide you through the best posing so you have nothing to worry about.
Step 4 - Viewing & Ordering Session
A viewing session where we will show you the best 30-50 images from your session.
This is your chance to choose your favourite photos. We have no minimum spend and there is no obligation for you to purchase anything. We have a range of high quality beautiful products for you to choose from and you only select the photos that you absolutely love.
Step 5 - Product Collection
Your images, wall art or album will be ready to collect anytime between 1 to 4 weeks after your order has been confirmed.
That's it, you are now ready to display your favourite images in your home
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